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Welcome to the Glade!

This is the special home of all the fae and elves who are Celestial Dusters.

Some of the elves and fae live in mushroom houses.

They come in all shapes and sizes just like their owners.

I chose this lovely weeping willow tree for my home. It looks out over the mushroom homes and provides shelter and protection for them.

We all love tea, coffee, biscuits and donuts and other yummy goodies!

Most of all we all love sweets!!!!

We have fun playing in the Glade and sometimes we do get into a little trouble and then we have to watch out for Moma Moni who will come after us with the Whoop Ass Stick!

Sometimes she puts on sunglasses as a disguise so that she can catch us having too much fun.

And sometimes she even changes her color and hides REAL good so that she can catch us!

If she catches us using crayons in messages she gets so mad she turns into an evil toad!

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